Time travel: a simple paradox

Since childhood, Time travel has been a concept in my mind that i always felt was possible. Although i didn’t think of it as a scientific possibility at the time, i felt as though it would have to do with some sort of spiritual or meta-physical connection with the universe that would allow one to understand and navigate the time space continuum (sure, that was what i thought of as a kid). But as i started investing time in movies, books and theories on the concept, i learned more and more that science , specifically technology can shed light if not be the answer on how to Time Travel.

Now, a Delorean might seem like a silly way to arrive onto a new time and dimension, but is it so far fetched that a car can be invented that it speeds up fast enough to break the light barrier which builds enough energy to create a wormhole that transfer us to a specific time of our choosing?  If you see the logic in this, then you are not alone, that doesn’t mean you are sane, but it is still nice to not be alone.

Here a physicist explains using an analogy on  how this might work. So basically you might be able to time travel by………arghhh..i’ll let him explain

Just skip to the 2:18 mark if you are not interested in his back story

So, if you understood that, welcome!..if not, then watch till you do. (just kidding) And if you are anything like me, then you probably got sucked in into other videos regarding time travel on youtube.

This post was not meant for you to want to get into Time travel or anything like that, its just for you to get a concept into your head about what other people are thinking about.




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