Reminisce about your future

What do you want to leave behind when you go? Will it be your legacy? will it be your children’s legacy, will it be your life’s work? Or will it be nothing….

Most of us are not too fond of the latter but we are not willing to make that leap. And if we are willing to make that leap, we ask ourselves, where will we land? will it be soft enough,  will it have enough elasticity  for us to bounce back or will it be hard like concrete and break our backsides. The mere asking of these questions is enough to make you uninterested or afraid of the leap itself.

“If inspiration is the vehicle and aspiration leads to destination then success is foreseeable”

Persistence and patience for all intents and purposes are the blocks of ice that soothe the fire of ambition burning in our bellies. Life should be about two things, your ambitions and the reminiscing of your success.

This is the beginning of your life

This  should be the end

~if you can dig that, the you dig me