Organized Chaos

Life comes down to what you choose to let your eyes see. Just take a look at something as simple as a busy intersection. You have various brands and sizes of sedans and SUV’s, they all contain different people of different races and backgrounds, all trying to get to different places on the same day at the same time. If an advanced race of alien visitors were to come and observe this simple everyday occurrence, they would find it very complex and most likely chaotic. 



It might be chaotic, but there is order within that chaos depending on if you let your eyes see it. For example, those organisms whom look aesthetically dissimilar are actually very similar in that they share the same basic physical characteristics (eyes, ears, nose, hair..etc). Also, all those different cars that they are in, are all the same in that they are vehicles. They all obey the same traffic light and sign rules (stop, yield and so forth) and they are all trying to reach a destination. 

Its almost like an orchestra, different instruments play different sounds but they all contribute to the same symphony. The beauty of organized chaos is that it makes one appreciate the grand scheme of things instead of the tiny cogs and widgets that make the scheme. 



~if you can dig that, then you dig me


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