Be Smart. Get Stupid

Have you ever gone to pour water into your cup and as the water is filled up to the brim and you were ready to drink, you suddenly realize that there are particles in the water that you are not quite comfortable drinking, maybe residue from coffee, grape juice or even a grain of rice and so you dump the water that you’ve patiently waited to acquire from the tap because you know that fresh water from a fresh cup is worth the extra work for.

The same logic can be applied to ones mind. We acquire knowledge for a while and do not understand that the knowledge we’ve acquired is tainted by past experiences and outdated preconceptions and perspectives. We stand to benefit by sometimes emptying our minds of that knowledge that we’ve acquired and starting afresh by rethinking everything we know about a particular subject. And most importantly being ready with an empty mind to receive fresh ideas and perspectives.

A lot of people might consider emptying your mind as stupid but in the long run it is probably the smartest thing one can do for themselves.

So empty your cup and drink up!



~if you dig that then you dig me


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