Birds eye motherboard view

I recently flew out from Boston to L.A on what seemed like a very long flight  and while in the air, me and my existential thoughts flying over Las Vegas, i looked out the window  and saw this:V__B701(2)

As i was staring at this, my vision began to morph a little bit and it started looking more and more like this to me :


                Computer Motherboard

So it got me thinking, if something as small and common place as a motherboard exists and is created by simple beings like humans, then its conceivable that we (humans, earth, the entire universe) might be created by something just as simple.

YEAH, A SIMPLE NOTION, but follow me down the rabbit hole for a second (no morpheus)

So if we created the motherboard and each motherboard is created as a piece of a bigger purpose like a computer, video game etc. then maybe we were created for the same reason. Maybe we are just cogs in a bigger machine. Think about this, maybe we (organisms) are just a bi-product of our motherboard and we weren’t intentionally created.

NOW, THIS TRIPS ME OUT A LITTLE BIT but stay with me….

What if, by creating the motherboard, we also have inadvertently created a new species that are a bi-product of their own motherboard. They might be so microscopic that we can’t observe them yet and that might mean that we also are so microscopic to our “creator” that they can’t see us either.

It also occurred to me that whatever properties we assign to the these hypothetical bi-product beings, we would have to assign them to ourselves. If they are insignificant pieces of information passed on from port to port then so are we. Conversely, if we are important beings with souls and real singular purpose then so are they.

BOOM!! MIND BLOWN?!….No? enhh..well i tried!

Either way, something to think about

~if you dig that, then you dig me~


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