Birds eye motherboard view

I recently flew out from Boston to L.A on what seemed like a very long flight  and while in the air, me and my existential thoughts flying over Las Vegas, i looked out the window  and saw this:V__B701(2)

As i was staring at this, my vision began to morph a little bit and it started looking more and more like this to me :


                Computer Motherboard

So it got me thinking, if something as small and common place as a motherboard exists and is created by simple beings like humans, then its conceivable that we (humans, earth, the entire universe) might be created by something just as simple.

YEAH, A SIMPLE NOTION, but follow me down the rabbit hole for a second (no morpheus)

So if we created the motherboard and each motherboard is created as a piece of a bigger purpose like a computer, video game etc. then maybe we were created for the same reason. Maybe we are just cogs in a bigger machine. Think about this, maybe we (organisms) are just a bi-product of our motherboard and we weren’t intentionally created.

NOW, THIS TRIPS ME OUT A LITTLE BIT but stay with me….

What if, by creating the motherboard, we also have inadvertently created a new species that are a bi-product of their own motherboard. They might be so microscopic that we can’t observe them yet and that might mean that we also are so microscopic to our “creator” that they can’t see us either.

It also occurred to me that whatever properties we assign to the these hypothetical bi-product beings, we would have to assign them to ourselves. If they are insignificant pieces of information passed on from port to port then so are we. Conversely, if we are important beings with souls and real singular purpose then so are they.

BOOM!! MIND BLOWN?!….No? enhh..well i tried!

Either way, something to think about

~if you dig that, then you dig me~


Be Smart. Get Stupid

Have you ever gone to pour water into your cup and as the water is filled up to the brim and you were ready to drink, you suddenly realize that there are particles in the water that you are not quite comfortable drinking, maybe residue from coffee, grape juice or even a grain of rice and so you dump the water that you’ve patiently waited to acquire from the tap because you know that fresh water from a fresh cup is worth the extra work for.

The same logic can be applied to ones mind. We acquire knowledge for a while and do not understand that the knowledge we’ve acquired is tainted by past experiences and outdated preconceptions and perspectives. We stand to benefit by sometimes emptying our minds of that knowledge that we’ve acquired and starting afresh by rethinking everything we know about a particular subject. And most importantly being ready with an empty mind to receive fresh ideas and perspectives.

A lot of people might consider emptying your mind as stupid but in the long run it is probably the smartest thing one can do for themselves.

So empty your cup and drink up!



~if you dig that then you dig me

Organized Chaos

Life comes down to what you choose to let your eyes see. Just take a look at something as simple as a busy intersection. You have various brands and sizes of sedans and SUV’s, they all contain different people of different races and backgrounds, all trying to get to different places on the same day at the same time. If an advanced race of alien visitors were to come and observe this simple everyday occurrence, they would find it very complex and most likely chaotic. 



It might be chaotic, but there is order within that chaos depending on if you let your eyes see it. For example, those organisms whom look aesthetically dissimilar are actually very similar in that they share the same basic physical characteristics (eyes, ears, nose, hair..etc). Also, all those different cars that they are in, are all the same in that they are vehicles. They all obey the same traffic light and sign rules (stop, yield and so forth) and they are all trying to reach a destination. 

Its almost like an orchestra, different instruments play different sounds but they all contribute to the same symphony. The beauty of organized chaos is that it makes one appreciate the grand scheme of things instead of the tiny cogs and widgets that make the scheme. 



~if you can dig that, then you dig me

Reminisce about your future

What do you want to leave behind when you go? Will it be your legacy? will it be your children’s legacy, will it be your life’s work? Or will it be nothing….

Most of us are not too fond of the latter but we are not willing to make that leap. And if we are willing to make that leap, we ask ourselves, where will we land? will it be soft enough,  will it have enough elasticity  for us to bounce back or will it be hard like concrete and break our backsides. The mere asking of these questions is enough to make you uninterested or afraid of the leap itself.

“If inspiration is the vehicle and aspiration leads to destination then success is foreseeable”

Persistence and patience for all intents and purposes are the blocks of ice that soothe the fire of ambition burning in our bellies. Life should be about two things, your ambitions and the reminiscing of your success.

This is the beginning of your life

This  should be the end

~if you can dig that, the you dig me

Time travel: a simple paradox

Since childhood, Time travel has been a concept in my mind that i always felt was possible. Although i didn’t think of it as a scientific possibility at the time, i felt as though it would have to do with some sort of spiritual or meta-physical connection with the universe that would allow one to understand and navigate the time space continuum (sure, that was what i thought of as a kid). But as i started investing time in movies, books and theories on the concept, i learned more and more that science , specifically technology can shed light if not be the answer on how to Time Travel.

Now, a Delorean might seem like a silly way to arrive onto a new time and dimension, but is it so far fetched that a car can be invented that it speeds up fast enough to break the light barrier which builds enough energy to create a wormhole that transfer us to a specific time of our choosing?  If you see the logic in this, then you are not alone, that doesn’t mean you are sane, but it is still nice to not be alone.

Here a physicist explains using an analogy on  how this might work. So basically you might be able to time travel by………arghhh..i’ll let him explain

Just skip to the 2:18 mark if you are not interested in his back story

So, if you understood that, welcome!..if not, then watch till you do. (just kidding) And if you are anything like me, then you probably got sucked in into other videos regarding time travel on youtube.

This post was not meant for you to want to get into Time travel or anything like that, its just for you to get a concept into your head about what other people are thinking about.



Zeitgeist: A brief look at religion

I just watched a movie called zeitgeist and it really resonated with me. It chronicled different researches in detail about religion and what we perceive to be true. I have had numerous arguments with people who seem to be of average intelligence and functioning motor skills but who completely contradict those “normal” traits by insisting that everything they had read in the Bible or the Koran is true. And when asked about certain aspects of the scripture like how is it that Adam and Eve started the world by having sex and producing children who obviously must have had sex with each other to procreate but yet God is opposed to incest, did God change his mind about incest later on? And if so, does that mean he is prone to errors? They (religious fanatics) get annoyed and usually reply by saying “God is mysterious” or “you have to have faith that the scripture is the truth”. I personally feel as though these people are insulting the very God they worship everyday by assuming that he exhibits the same traits that we do.


The bible states that God is a jealous God,  but i ask how can the Supreme Being that created the concept of conception and created the universe in all its intricate detail be prone to such an emotion as jealousy?  I’m not saying that religion is bad, I’m just saying that man has corrupted the very fabric of its purpose and its in his nature to do so because God made it that way —-this is what is called a paradox wrapped in wtf sautéed in an enigma.

So here is the deal people, following religion blindly without common sense is insanity but people take refuse in their insanity because it is comforting. Therefore it is safe to say that their insanity keeps them sane.