Zeitgeist: A brief look at religion

I just watched a movie called zeitgeist and it really resonated with me. It chronicled different researches in detail about religion and what we perceive to be true. I have had numerous arguments with people who seem to be of average intelligence and functioning motor skills but who completely contradict those “normal” traits by insisting that everything they had read in the Bible or the Koran is true. And when asked about certain aspects of the scripture like how is it that Adam and Eve started the world by having sex and producing children who obviously must have had sex with each other to procreate but yet God is opposed to incest, did God change his mind about incest later on? And if so, does that mean he is prone to errors? They (religious fanatics) get annoyed and usually reply by saying “God is mysterious” or “you have to have faith that the scripture is the truth”. I personally feel as though these people are insulting the very God they worship everyday by assuming that he exhibits the same traits that we do.


The bible states that God is a jealous God,  but i ask how can the Supreme Being that created the concept of conception and created the universe in all its intricate detail be prone to such an emotion as jealousy?  I’m not saying that religion is bad, I’m just saying that man has corrupted the very fabric of its purpose and its in his nature to do so because God made it that way —-this is what is called a paradox wrapped in wtf sautéed in an enigma.

So here is the deal people, following religion blindly without common sense is insanity but people take refuse in their insanity because it is comforting. Therefore it is safe to say that their insanity keeps them sane.